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Making Time


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They say you make time for what matters to you and if you don’t then it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know how many people I’ve told “I’m a writer“. In bold and when they ask for more details I fluff about in a response because I haven’t written enough to really know the answer to that question.

Recently I published my first book and I think it’s terrible… Maybe not terrible terrible but it needs a lot more work and i haven’t made time to fix it. On top of that I have a slew on reasons why i cant do anything about it and I’m afraid if i unpublished it that I will never publish anything again because I will have failed.

On Indi’s Pillow was a present to myself. An internal promise I made to finish something. Starting has never been a problem. I’m a gibbering lil rabbit with ideas but knuckling down and following through… Not as much. Unless I know I’m going to be good at it.

I don’t think I’m good now, but i cant change without doing more, so where is the logic in just watching my beautiful cover gain a bad track record?

I don’t have any answers but I was curious  what any of you are struggling to make time for? What burning desire aren’t you feeding? And if you know why, why?

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