A Leap of Faith


The other day I was chatting to someone who was quitting their job because it’s just ‘not what they were meant to do’.

Obviously my rational brain went to ‘well, what are you going to do?’ and when the response was ‘nothing’ I was certain I was being pranked. There is no way any sane person would quit their job without a plan, even without ‘direct’ dependants, that’s a hella scary/bold/reckless/inspiring move.

I didn’t really try to talk them out of it (I’d only have had selfish motivations) but I did try to understand the need for it happen now. A huge part of the motivation is their faith. The work they do no longer allows them to be the kind of Christian they want to be and they feel that God has spoken to them to take this leap of faith.

Now, it’s not that I don’t believe in God..I’m sure I do. It’s just… How do U know it’s God talking and not just your frustration being channeled in a direction you need for action? I know this person believes wholeheartedly that their faith has justified their decision to leave gainful employment with no safety net and that is all that truly matters.

If we are to ever make moves that move our spirit, we most likely won’t be doing what makes sense to those that care for us. But if they matter at all, we have to take that leap of faith.

I’m still trying to make a safe landing for myself because… I don’t know how not to but here’s to one day cutting the tethers that keep us safe in pursuit of the path that we were truly meant to take.