On Celebrating Wins


Recently I ran a giveaway for On Indi’s Pillow and originally I planned (mostly hoped) on giving away 100 copies. I didn’t schedule any advertising because it was really just for me to get in front of more eyeballs with the hope of harvesting some reviews. I beat that target on Day 1 which made me then figure I could give away 500 copies.

I didn’t.

And it bummed me out big time.

It made me forget that I beat my original target and that this was an experiment to see what ‘works’ and what doesn’t in terms of the whole eyeball thing.

I know I need to write more books, I know I need to fix Indi even more. I have an idea for a friendship story next but I still have another mother-daughter thread that won’t leave me alone so obviously I need to figure that out more.

I don’t yet know what stories I want to tell other than ‘all of them’ which really isn’t a great starting point when you have the attention span of a goldfish.

The biggest lesson I did learn though was I really need to learn how to celebrate my wins. I’ve given away 473 books on Amazon (and 4 outside the environment for people that couldn’t get it there).

We can always do better but let’s enjoy what we can do now.

Does anyone else out there beat themselves up more than they pay themselves on the back?


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