Do Better


Recently someone told me about a video going around of some guy who had a ‘child’ in the car with him as his glistening member was visible to the camera.

Turns out it’s a 46 year old man who had a 15 year old girl in his car with him and the person who ‘caught’ them filmed it (not the act but the pair of them).

It’s bad enough that we have men taking advantage of women that see their abusive relationships as the only options they have but this person filming didn’t bother to protect the identity of the girl and the version of the video circulating also has her identity known.

We should do better by victims of any crimes but even more so vulnerable underage victims.

There’s a particular section of society that believes the 15 year old girl ‘knew what she was doing’. This girl is an orphan and the 46 year old man promised to pay her exam fees if she put out. But, because she had beads around her waist she’s definitely an adult and we must slut shame her.

Do we have 15 year olds that are ready to have sex? Probably. Is a minor who can’t get her school fees met one of them? Probably not.

It’s not just about outing a wrong, it must be about what that does to those left in the fallout.

We have to do better by those who can’t do better by themselves.